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Polestar 2 to Take on the Tesla 3 model

Polestar 2 to Take on the Tesla 3 model
03 March 2019

Polestar 2, The new electric based models to be seperated from Volvo, has unveilied its 2nd generation Polestar 2.

The new Polestar 2 is speculated to be a sub 35k Tesla Model 3 rival.

The PS2 sits on Volvo's compact Modula Architecture which is used by the current Xc40, It has 2 electric motors mounted across both axles for 4wd drive.

The Intitial stats stack up very well with the powertrain producing 402bhp which translates to 0-62 times of less than 5 seconds, which alos translates to a very generous mileage range of 311 miless per charge, puts it as a high competitor against the Tesal model 3 and the more expensive Jaguar I-Pace.

As you can expect it will be loaded with all the latest tech from google services including google assistant, Google maps, Even Google play store. There will also be the ability to use your smart phone as a car key.

The higher spec models will showcase the Pilot assit the semi-autonmous driving.

  • Reactive Readiness 

The Polestar 2 begins to prepare itself even as the driver approaches. Once the presence of the digital key is detected, the display shows pertinent information: battery status, range, and the time remaining to a full charge. No time wasted, no fiddling with menus; the Polestar 2 tells you what you need to know, before you even open the door.

Welcome back driving seat

The phone is the authentication device. Thanks to the Polestar Connect app, it also serves to remind the Polestar 2 just how you like it. Seat position, mirror settings, and more are automatically returned to your exact specifications. The Polestar 2 fits the driver like a glove. A glove with 660Nm of torque.

Mobile Phone as Key

There is no start button in the Polestar 2. The Polestar 2 powers up as soon as the driver is seated, the intelligent sensors in the seat signalling to the car’s systems that it’s go time. No more patting yourself down for your keys, no more flicking switches, no more searching for buttons. Up until now, you’ve just sat on it. Now it starts your car.

Like all Polestar models the 2 will only be avaioalble for online ordering , Pre orders are now open, with production starting early 2020 for UK market.