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What to expect on delivery day.


If you've never taken delivery of a car before and previously driven it from the forecourt then it can be a little daunting to know what to expect. This guide helps to explain what typically happens on the day of the delivery and a little checklist to make sure you're prepared for what's to come and be able to drive it as soon as the delivery is complete.


Getting a delivery date and location

Before we get to the day of delivery nothing can be done until you have a confirmed day of delivery and location of delivery. We deliver all over the UK so we can reach you almost anywhere but you must make it clear the full address and the identity of the person who will be responsible for accepting the vehicle.

Most customers get the vehicle delivered to either their home address or work address - it doesn't make a difference to the supplying dealer but you should be prepared for a vehicle which can arrive in a long time slot (9-6 for example) and then up to an hour with the delivery driver to go through the inspection, paperwork and handover. Weekends are not noramlly offered.

Your delivery driver will typically call you 1-2 hours before delivery or even in some cases the eveining before.

Most customers book a day off for the delivery to accommodate the time slot and the time to go through the paperwork etc, if you're getting it delivered to work it would be courteous to ensure your line manager is OK with you having to take the time to go through everything and to be available at any moment. We wouldn't want you to get into any trouble!

Also, the vehicle needs to be insured fully comprehensive on the day of delivery and not after. You will not be able to use the vehicle until this is done and once the handover is complete the vehicle is your responsibility. Until it arrives the vehicle is insured with the finance company/dealer. 

Insurance will need to be organised before any use of the vehicle and signing for he car, sometimes new cars take a little time to show on the insurance database after being registered, so please give the insurance company as much information and be as accurate as possible with the vehicle details, We are on hand to help with any infrmation you may need to insure your new lease vehicle.


The Handover Process

The handover process begins as soon as the vehicle has arrived at the location and your identity is confirmed. If it's a driven delivery the driver will start immediately, if it's a truck delivery then the driver will be responsible to get it safely off the truck.



The first part of the handover process is an inspection which is carried out by both yourself and the driver. This is an extremely important step and should not be rushed.

The first check you should do is that the vehicle registration number is exactly as per the contract and the vehicle specification is exactly as stated in the contract. If you do not check these properly and sign the document you could be liable to keep the vehicle. If the vehicle delivered is not your vehicle you should decline the vehicle and contact us and the finance company as soon as possible.

Next, you want to inspect the condition of the vehicle inside and out thoroughly to check for dents, scratches and other imperfections. The vehicle should be in pristine condition and if there's something that isn't right you need to let the delivery team know and take pictures. As per the fair wear and tear policy any damage beyond the point of accepting the delivery will be your responsibility.

Here are some areas to pay attention to

  • The paintwork for scratches, dents or stone chips
  • All glass including mirrors for cracks or chips
  • Check the wheels and tyres for scuffs, scratches and signs of kerb damage
  • The interior which should be free of stains, rips, tears and scratches. All the nobs and buttons to be firmly in place
  • Ensure the vehicle comes with a handbook, locking wheel nuts, spare tyre (if applicable) and a tyre repair kit.
  • You should receive one full key and a spare.

The vehicle should arrive clean and if it's driven it should be in a driven state. It may not arrive spotless as being driven will naturally degrade the wash work.


Delivery Mileage and Fuel

The driver will get the delivery mileage from the vehicle and you should check yourself to confirm it. Your contractual miles begin after the delivery miles and do not count to your total. However, if the delivery mileage is misread and the delivery is accepted you are liable for the difference.

The vehicle will have fuel in the vehicle but you must ensure that the driver has given more than enough for you to reach a petrol station at the very least.



The driver may give you a basic demonstration of the vehicle showing the basics of the use of the vehicle but they are not obligated to give you a full technical demonstration as delivery drivers are not experts on vehicles.

For a full demonstration, we always recommend going for a test drive at your local dealer prior to placing an order or take the vehicle there once you have the vehicle. However, a handbook is always included and includes everything you need to know to operate the vehicle.


Signing the delivery note

Once you are happy with the vehicle it's time to sign the documents. Note that the delivery documents are not the contract which will have already been signed at this point. The delivery note is just to confirm you are now in receipt of the vehicle and happy with everything you have received.

Once signed, you are responsible for the vehicle and its current state and any damage you may have missed will become your responsibility so please take care to double-check everything before commencing.

Once signed there's nothing left to do but take the car for a drive!


What if I don't want to take delivery of the car?

If the vehicle is not the correct spec of the damage is severe then you should decline the delivery and speak to us and the finance company as soon as possible.

However, if you've simply had a change of heart then you may still be liable for the cost of the lease even if you do not accept the vehicle. Agreeing on the contract does not happen on the day of delivery but rather the day you sign the contract with the finance company.

Tips to avoid this scenario

  • Arrange a test drive of the vehicle before signing the contract so that you know how the vehicle looks, feels and drives
  • Fully research what the trim of the vehicle does and doesn't have
  • Make sure the engine and fuel is suitable for you
  • Research the cost of insurance before ordering a vehicle
  • Consider your affordability of the vehicle even if you have been accepted for finance
  • Be truthful about potential lifestyle changes during negotiations


COVID-19 changes to delivery.

Since Covid the delivery procedures have changed slightly to conform with social distancing and keeping you the customer safe and also the delivery driver, In this case some demonstrations of the vehicle features may not be carried out, however please feel free to chat through with the driver anything you want to know and this can be discussed verbally and talked through, The vehicles will be sanistised before handover.

Last but not least please enjoy your new car and we will look forward to you help you with your renewal.

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